How to Use Your Time Wisely: Biblical Insights
This challenging and encouraging article was written by Dr. Peter Hammond, of...
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A Royal Mission - Lost?
Did you know Jesus could not heal the sick? He could not help people who were...
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A Treasure Hunt
The Kingdom of Heaven is Very Near Jesus was always full of suprises. Everyone...
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Can We Bring Heaven to Earth?
Part 1 of many… The Story of Bungoma Children For Jesus Can you imagine...
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Art Spark Watercolour Pencil Painting Classes
Are you interested in spending a relaxing couple of hours, painting with watercolour...
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He Knew He Needed A Mediator
When Life Isn’t Fair There was once a very good man (according to God Himself),...
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It's time for sleeping christians to Wake Up

Jesus is the answer that our world needs. Are we willing to share Jesus with those around us?
The message begins at the 1:00:00 hour mark.

Jesus Gives
Meaning to life

Jesus said to him, “I am the only Way to God
and the real Truth and the real Life;
no one comes to the Father
but through Me.”
John 14:6

Kidzville &
Level uP!

Faith, Hope & Love are focused.

Kidzville stories, lessons and activities are especially for kids up to Grade 5 or so, but fun for everyone to read and try! Parents of younger kids can read to them and help.

Level Up! has stories, lessons and more, geared to Grades 6 and up through high school. Others may check it out, too.

Kids will love watching and learning from these action-packed puppets.