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Adult Portrait Painting Project - Hilda and Her Attributes

Hilda Portrait Painting

Undersea Stickers Kids Painting Project

Undersea Painting Kids Class

You Can Read Author Karen Louise's Book, "Half-Baked Bannock" - Part 1 of Skyanna's Story For Free Online - Just Click the "Level-Up Tab" and Scroll Down | Enjoy Karen's other books Including "Joy Peeks Through" (Part 2) and "That Uncomfortable Word" (Part 3) of Skyanna's Story, As Well As Other Books are available on

New Release

That uncomfortable word

That love bug strikes again. Journey with Skyanna as she learns the difference between following her heart and following God in dating relationships.

Why do relationships promise us joy but sometimes lead us into great pain? Journey with Skyanna as she tries first one relationship and then another. What motivates her to enter these relationships? What is the result? Can God bring healing, hope and restoration where only pain and confusion seem to reign? What is that uncomfortable word which straightens out the crooked paths Skyanna and her friends have taken?

Parenting God's way

How can we as Christian parents help our children resist rebellion, witchcraft, arrogance and idolatry which is so pervasive in our culture?

The Little Book Series

Little Bible stories, in sets of six, for young readers, written in English and Mandarin. Illustrated by young artist, Stella Park in Manga style for kids.

A Story of Hope

A fictional account of one women’s journey of emotional healing.
A workbook is available which accompanies this novel.