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Hi There. I’m Harold, the blessed guy on the Left, Married to Hilda, the Beauty on the right. She’s with Jesus right now, waiting for me. Hilda is the Writer, who intended to fill a blog with stories that honour Jesus, her King. I’m the artist who was going to help her, adding my artwork. We’ll Just have to wait a while to Serve Jesus in Heaven together.

Thanks for checking out this new website. Treasures Magazine exists to honour Jesus our Saviour, Lord and King. We want to encourage kids, teens and adults to trust God. God loves us all and wants us in heaven with him someday. YAY JESUS!

Hope to hear from you soon.  Send me an email. Your friend, Harold.

Beautiful Watercolour Art Prints For Sale

Interested in beautifying your home with a print of “Polar Bear Watching The Northern Lights.” This is a watercolour painting which God helped me create a few months ago. I’m selling 17″ x 11″ prints for $30 (shipping is extra).
For every print sold, I will donate $5 to help support a children’s orphanage in Kampala, Uganda, run by my friend Luggya Vicent.

This same print is also available framed and matted for $120 (shipping is extra).
For each framed print sold, I will donate $20 to the orphanage run by Luggya Vicent.

Contact me via email, if you are interested in purchasing a print or a framed print. Thanks for your encouragement
over Facebook. It is spurring me on to continue painting, perhaps more in this style. 🙂

Same prices and donations for my painting print called, “Couple Admiring The Milky Way.” (see below).
This painting is available in the same frame as the “Polar Bear Watching The Northern Lights.”

These two paintings were inspired by watercolour art teacher Elisa Ang.

More Art Prints Will Be Available Soon!

Luggya Vicent with a Couple of Orphans He cares For

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