It’s harvest time in Brambly Hedge and all the mice are busy blackberry picking for their winter store. Primrose ventures out on her own, followed secretly by Wilfred. but with a big storm brewing, can they find their way home?

Learning About Holy spirit

Laura Bronson of the “Keep It Real Crew” teaching kids about Holy Spirit at Bounce Kids Retreat.

Quigley's Village - Episode 2 - Listening

This YouTube Video is courtesy of Vision Video, which have many awesome videos:

Mission Deep Sea Summer Camp is quickly approaching!
Register by June 18th so that they receive a FREE camp logo bag.
Lots of fun for kids this July.
I’ll be there leading Arts & Crafts. YAY GOD!

Joey Learns He Can Always Trust God

Kids and parents, meet my pal “Joey.” He’s a friend of Inge Kopanke and Pastor Richard John Kopanke, and I got to enjoy
Joey’s antics a few times during the lockdown. He’s moved out to British Columbia now, with his friends, Inge and Rich. 🙂

We had some fun times together. In this episode, Joey learns that he can always trust God.

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The Bible Story of Hannah - Told With Drawings

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Let's be like Jesus and the Good Samaritan - Loving Others!

Parents, scroll & share the story of how God saved Noah, his family & the animals in the Ark.
Scroll down to print the last page. Kids (or anyone) can colour Mr. & Mrs. Noah & the giraffe.

Quigley's Village - Episode 1 - Responsibility

"Quigley's Village" is a kids' show which employs both live actors and puppets. Mr. Quigley is the leader of the town, with Trundle, a toucan, living in a cage on Quigley's front porch. Other neighborhood kids include Bubba, a chimp; Danny Lion and his younger sister, Lemon (so named because of her pastel yellow-colored fur); Spike, a girl porcupine who talks with a bit of a Brooklyn accent; Milty, a moose; and Alex, a fox. The humans who work and live in the village besides Mr. Quigley include Dexter, a handyman; Molly, the letter carrier; and Dr. Caramore, the local physician who is always glad to help the kids whenever they're ill. Each episode centered around a particular life lesson.

This YouTube Video is courtesy of Vision Video, which have many awesome videos:

"For This Reason" Family-Friendly Movie About Jesus

Beginning at creation, “For This Reason” unfolds the story of WHY God, the Creator of the world sent a Savior,
His Son, Jesus, into the world.

The movie shows WHO Jesus is, and WHAT Jesus did to rescue His rebel subjects from the kingdom of darkness
and qualify them to live with Him forever in His kingdom of light.

Suitable for ages 6 and up.
Courtesy of Vision Video (YouTube).