Painting With Watercolour Pencils Class Details

Have you ever wished you could draw or paint artwork that family and friends would be proud to display? Maybe you’ve even tried learning with some online art courses without a lot of success.

I believe you can learn to draw and paint with some personal instruction and guidance. You’ll learn to follow through the stages from choosing photo references, (perhaps of birds, animals, landscapes, or even people) to creating watercolour paintings.

But, doesn’t that require talent for art? Wouldn’t that take years to learn?

Yes, talent does help, and yes, time will improve your skills, but this journey offers fun, a relaxing environment, encouraging feedback from instructors and fellow artist, and you will enjoy watching your painting skills and talent for art improve. Join fellow artist Juan Rodriguez and me for our first class, continuing monthly… our FREE monthly Watercolour Pencil Painting Class.

Just let me know if you would like to join, so that we have enough painting supplies for everyone.

We would love to have you join this fun and relaxing art class, for ages 10 and up. We’ll have a blast together.

To book a spot in this class, connect with me through Facebook, by Email at or with a Comment below this post.

Harold Schnell

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