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“FAITH”, “HOPE” and “LOVE”

Are you one of the of the many people who enjoy watching Hallmark Romance movies, even the movies not shown at Christmas? Hilda, Elaine, and I, and sometimes Daniel too, would watch one of these movies online together on Sunday afternoons. One of my special memories of Hilda and Elaine, was watching their intense interest and joy, as the romance developed for the right couple in the movie. Hilda and Elaine would shield their happy smiling faces from me with their hand, as I watched “them” watch the movie, and sometimes teased them. To be honest, I often enjoyed watching with them, especially when the plots were interesting and the actors worth cheering for.

Is anyone reading this post still a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey fan? I have been a Maple Leafs fan for years, as has Hilda who is from Toronto. I sure “HOPE” they win the Stanley Cup this year. They seem to have a really talented group, and for Leaf fans it’s been a long time, over 50 years, since they last won the cup. So maybe this is their year. I “HOPE” so.

“HOPE” is a Wonderful Feeling.

When we have “HOPE” during our situations and challenges, it makes our lives brighter. It spurs us on to continue, and not despair.

So much about this world, what we hear or read in the media or the latest health news coming from family and friends we love. There’s the possibility of continuing pandemics being planned (or at least expected) with the outcomes of masks, shots, lockdowns, shortages, school closures, 15-minute cities, effects of the jab on friends – often it’s just all too much. It makes the world situation appear hopeless.

Where do we find “HOPE” in this world. Is there any reason for our world to have “HOPE?” Will a global government solve our problems, or actually make the situation far worse?

Let me ask those of you who admitted to watching Hallmark movies. Would you honestly say that they require much “HOPE” on the viewer’s part that the movie you’re watching will have a happy ending? You can be certain that a Hallmark movie will have a happy ending. That’s part of what makes them such a great diversion from real life, and worth spending a couple of hours watching, to take our mind off of our own hectic and often overwhelming lives.

When we can count on a positive romantic outcome for a Hallmark movie, we no longer need to “HOPE” for that relationship to work out, in spite of challenges occurring in the movie plot. We have “FAITH” that this couple are destined for a happy ending.

What if I told you that the Toronto Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup this season. If you knew that I could foretell the future, and was privy to some trustworthy inside information – would it make you curious, and eager to watch them play. Would you want to watch to see the season unfold, maybe enjoy cheering along for the Leafs, and see if my prediction would actually come true?

My “HOPE” of Being With Hilda Again is Actually “FAITH”

My beautiful treasure, Hilda, passed away early this year, as most of you know. I have loved her for 42 years, and we were married for 40 wonderful years.

The best thing about my relationship with Hilda now, is that, I have more than “HOPE” that I will see her again. I have “FAITH” that we will be together again in Heaven someday, because of Jesus! You see, I do know some things about the future. God shared them with me in the Bible.

God made our world. I believe that. I have “FAITH” that the Bible is true, and this is a “FACT” for me. God is the Creator and He is the original Artist. All other artists, including me, just attempt to copy God, and He is OK with that.


Not only is God the Creator of our world, He is the one who created “you.” He had you planned and knew who and what you would become before you were even born. He made you for a special purpose – to live with Him in Heaven forever. God made you because He loves you!

As a teenager, when I discovered how much God loves me, it changed my life. It gave my life meaning, and a sense of purpose. As I continue to walk through life with God, our relationship becomes more and more beautiful, special and filled with adventure.

God proved His love for you and me, by sending His one and only Son, Jesus, to earth. Jesus (who was both God and man) came to experience life as a human being. He became like us, but He never sinned, never displeased God. Then as a young man, He died in our place. He took the punishment of the sins of all humans who had ever lived and will ever live, on Himself. God dying for man, because the punishment for our sins would have meant we could never live in Heaven with God.

Jesus died for you and me, to give us the opportunity for a “Happy Ending” – eternal life, filled with untold adventures, joy, health, peace, friends, tasks, rewards, a mansion, and so much more.

Heaven is REAL, so is Hell

The Bible gives us many encouraging promises about Heaven, like this one…

“no mere man has ever seen, heard, or even imagined what wonderful things God has ready for those who love the Lord.” (1 Corinthians 2:9 TLB)

For some of you, that is your “HOPE.” You would like that to be true and include you, but you’re not sure.

Others of you have already received Jesus, as your “Hallmark romance partner.” He saved you from your sins, because you asked Him to do so. Your life has turned from living for yourself, to living for Jesus, and His Holy Spirit is with you and in you, helping you to do so. You have a relationship with Jesus and are looking forward to being with Jesus in Heaven someday.

With Jesus as our Saviour, we move from, I “HOPE” things work out after my life on earth is over to… I have “FAITH” in Jesus, who is my Saviour and Lord, and so I know I have a home in Heaven waiting for me. No eternal punishment in Hell, with eternal regrets because I did not accept Jesus’ free gift of forgiveness, saving me from Hell.

We all need “HOPE” in this life. Without “HOPE” life is well, “hopeless.” But, “FAITH in JESUS” is so much better. It brings peace, joy, “LOVE” and security to us. The “LOVE” that comes with a relationship with Jesus is so much deeper and more fulfilling than any Hallmark Romance could be. It’s even greater than my own precious, beautiful relationship with my spouse Hilda, whom I love so much. In the original Greek language of the New Testament part of The Bible, this type of love is called “agape love.” It is the deepest and most satisfying love between God and us. That’s the love that motivated Jesus to come to earth to die for us!

When you think about the Toronto Maple Leaf players, or the Hallmark Romance movie actors and actresses – none of them know me, and probably none of them know you. If you do know a Leaf player, could you ask them for a couple of game tickets for me? lol


God and His Son, Jesus, know you and love you. God loves you so much, that He wants to be your Heavenly Father, and call you His son or daughter. That’s what you become, when you accept Jesus as your Saviour. Imagine the God of the Universe adopting you as His own child. Imagine His caring for you through the messy world we live in, through life’s hardships that you face, through illness, and eventually dying. All through these He helps you, is with you, and someday rewards you with your home in Heaven with Him. No Hallmark movie can touch this kind of ending.

Jesus came to bring “HOPE” to hopeless people, like I was. Now I have “FAITH” that I will be in Heaven someday with my King Jesus, and with my sweetheart Hilda.

Today, Jesus is offering you, if you need “HOPE” the gift of “FAITH.” Believe in Jesus as God’s Son, and ask Him to give you a new life, a new heart filled with “LOVE” for God and “LOVE” for other people.

Jesus called those of us who need “HOPE” and turn to Him, the “Poor in Spirit.” He promised them that if they believe in Him, their reward would be… “the Kingdom of Heaven.”

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:3 NIV)

When you believe in Jesus”, say “Yes” to Jesus and ask Him to give you a new life with Him. Ask Jesus to forgive your sins and help you turn away from a sinful lifestyle that separates you from God. That’s called “repentance.” God will forgive all of our sins, thanks to Jesus. God’s gift of His Holy Spirit will come live inside you to help you live a life that pleases God. No one is perfect. You won’t be, but you will want to do God’s will. The Holy Spirit will help you become more like Jesus day by day. Your “FAITH in JESUS” now makes you a daughter or son of God, and you will begin a relationship with God. All of that is because of what Jesus did, dying on the cross for your sins. Like Jesus rose from the grave to eternal life, God also promises His sons and daughters eternal life with Him in Heaven.

Make the decision to move from “HOPE” to “FAITH” today. Not just hoping things will work out. That’s like hoping the Leafs will win the cup. “FAITH in JESUS” is a sure thing, but it’s up to you to receive Jesus, the “gift of God.” When you receive Jesus as your Saviour, God’s promise of eternal life becomes His gift to you.

I’m sharing this because I love you, precious friend, and I want to visit with you in Heaven someday. So does Hilda. GOD and JESUS “LOVE” you most of all. 🙂




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