Hope of Heaven

Who Are We?

by Arthur G. Schnell – We all know that we live in a physical body. We also know that we are here on earth only for a certain length of time. How long? That, we don’t know. God describes our life in the Bible, as a vapour, or a flower, which appears or blooms for […]

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No Farmers, No Food

These are tough times with all the news predicting dire circumstances ahead. It’s more important than ever to turn to the Lord. John 3:16 Food shortages around the world are real and food prices are climbing here in Canada. This was predicted in the Bible… “And I heard a voice from among the four living

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If you don’t have more than 2 minutes right now, read this at a more convenient time. It’s long and important. Harold. “FAITH”, “HOPE” and “LOVE” Are you one of the of the many people who enjoy watching Hallmark Romance movies, even the movies not shown at Christmas? Hilda, Elaine, and I, and sometimes Daniel

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