Found In A Treasure Chest

Hilda My Worshipping Sweetheart

A couple of days ago, I spent some hours cleaning our garage. Tucked away on a shelf was a shoebox with beautiful wrapping paper covering it. Inside were notes and special collected items which Hilda had saved over many years. One was her Woolworth name badge with “Hilda” on it. She worked there as a teen in the East End of Toronto, and was greatly loved by staff and customers.

The greatest find for Daniel and me was a cassette tape. It was the master tape of Hilda singing worship songs to Jesus, along with a backup track. This tape was made in 1985, when Hilda and I had been married for only three years. She was occasionally asked by several churches to sing solos during their services, and would sing with her beautiful soprano voice accompanied by a backup track.

While Hilda worked for the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, in East York, a friend and co-worker, Mike McClure recorded Hilda singing eight songs, and he did a wonderful job, without professional equipment. Thank you Mike for sharing your talent for recording.

Daniel was crying when he heard her Hilda singing these songs. He had never heard most of them before and it is so special just to hear her voice now. We had a wonderful evening, reminiscing, loving Hilda, and talking about how wonderful it will be to join her in Heaven forever. Daniel said that her voice was even better than Doris Day’s voice. Perhaps Hilda and Doris have already met in Heaven, as Hilda was a fan of hers, and Doris Day loved Jesus too.

So, we’ve recorded Hilda’s beautiful songs from the old cassette tape. I’m adding the lyrics, so you can follow along, if you don’t know the words, with some background scenery from our back window, where I feed my bird friends. Here is the first song on the tape…

Hilda’s friends, just know that she loves you all very much, and looks forward to you joining her in Heaven someday. She told me so this morning.

Your friend,

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