Memories of Hilda Walking the Linear Trail

Just finished a collection of paintings to honour my beautiful sweetheart, Hilda. It will be her birthday on August 8th. This collection of paintings is from the Linear Trail just a few minutes from our home. It is a location Hilda greatly enjoyed walking, spending time with Jesus, and chatting with fellow travellers. This painting is on our office/art studio wall right now, where I can see it when I’m painting. 🙂

Thank you God for allowing me to share life here on Earth with Hilda. I miss her so very much. She inspired me to paint and greatly encouraged me to nurture my love of art. Thank you Jesus for taking Hilda to Heaven with You.

The painting is a “Precious Memories Watercolour Collection.” I am hoping to do much more painting and would love to create a collection of memories for you and your family. These Collections are treasured gifts to commemorate a wedding, anniversary, a special event or the passing of a loved one in your life.

If you are interested in remembering some special people, events, pets and locations in your life, reach out to me. Paintings are done from your photos (print or digital). The cost is most likely around $500 for an original 24″ x 18″ collection of watercolour paintings similar to the Linear Trail Collection (which could include a few people portraits). Watercolour painting is becoming my source of income. Painting people is especially challenging and time consuming. Your own words are added to the collection of paintings, and then framed beautifully as in the example below.

Larger size original watercolour collections are available for a slightly larger price.

I’m also offering to paint a “Caricature Watercolour Collection” as was done of Pastor Rich and Inge of Faith Church, a few years ago. This was a fun and time-consuming project, and I would like to offer this style as well, for a similar price.

These paintings make beautiful reminders of special people and memories.

It appears God is opening a door at a couple of venues, who are willing to put some of my painting prints up on a consignment basis. YAY GOD!

If you are interested in learning to paint in watercolours, look for information about my upcoming classes, beginning in late September, God willing. YAY GOD! 🙂

Your friend,
Harold Schnell

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