“Painting With Watercolour Pencils Intro” on YouTube

Did you miss painting a beautiful Hummingbird during my “Painting With Watercolour Pencils Intro” class on Tuesday, September 19th?

This is Absolutely a fun project for kids, with some adult help and supervision. Just watch the videos, one step at a time, and try each step yourself. Fun family activity that takes about 2 hours to complete if you have all of the materials.

If you would like to watch and paint/colour along with me, I have taped the whole process, along with instructions. Right now the class is taught in well-explained “Steps” on my YouTube Playlist. You can watch and follow the steps to create your own watercolour masterpiece. YAY GOD! This is all for God’s glory. Anything I have learned and share is due to Him helping me learn. GOD LOVES YOU!!!

Just click on the “Watch on YouTube” link below to access the videos. The playlist is not “Public” right now.

The painting was created on “Multimedia Paper”. With watercolour pencils and water, regular photocopy paper will not work. If you have “Watercolour Paper”, that’s the best of all. I’ll attach a JPEG (.jpg) of the Hummingbird picture outline. Just trace or copy the drawing onto watercolour or multimedia paper. If you have a light box, that’s great, or hold the trace the picture from the printout of this JPEG (just from a B&W printer), by holding the pages together against an outside window, especially on a bright day.

If you get to the Step 2 video, you don’t need cardboard. You can tape your picture with masking tape to a table. Cardboard saves the table from getting messy. The tape makes a great border for your painting, so I recommend it. 🙂

You’ll need:
• watercolour/multimedia paper to draw the picture outline onto
• small to medium size watercolour paintbrush (round works best, sizes 3-6 would be great)
• small container of water
• piece of paper towel to clean your brush when you change colours
• kleenex tissue to absorb excess water
• masking tape would be a bonus (to frame the outside edge of the paper)
• watercolour pencils (even a craft store brand, like Crayola, just make sure they say “Watercolour Pencils”)

Let me know if you try this fun project. I would like to see your artwork and post it on this website.

Your friend,

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