Paraphrase of Psalm 23

Hilda wrote this paraphrase, about 15 years ago, and she lived what she wrote. She trusted Jesus throughout many challenges, good times and hard times. I am blessed to love her. May we all trust in the Lord in this way, as David did, who wrote this Psalm for our encouragement, and to acknowledge God’s care for Him.

Psalm 23 Paraphrase

The Lord is the One who cares for me best. He ensures that I have everything I need.

When I’m tired or burdened, He encourages me to stop and rest, to take time to sit with Him and His Word so I can find new strength and refreshment. Jesus is never in a rush, but takes my hand and leads me away from the noise to quiet places of solitude and contentment.

As I spend time with my Lord apart from the crowd and the hectic pace of life, He restores my soul and reminds me of the treasures I will discover when I quiet myself before Him. He is happy to guide me in the truth so that I may live a holy life and bring special delight to His heart through my obedience.

When my Father permits pain, sickness, grief, or hardship of any kind to enter my life, I will not be afraid. I will ask for deeper faith and trust, knowing that You are always with me. My tender Shepherd’s rod of discipline and staff of kindness bring comfort and peace to my heart.

In the heat of fiery trials, You take care of me so well. You continue to supply all that I need, and You honour me in the face of my enemies. You anoint me with the Holy Spirit so that my cup of joy may truly overflow, even when I don’t understand the circumstances of my life.

I’m certain that the goodness and Love of my Father, the mighty Ruler of this universe, will pursue me each day that I live in this world. Better yet, my heart rejoices in the promise of living with You forever in heaven, the home I long for.

~ Hilda Schnell

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  1. Anita TenBruggencate

    I memorized Psalm 23 years ago when my Mum was I’ll. It carried us both through, He carried us both through. It is a Blessing to hear this beautiful Psalm through Hilda’s words and voice. I remember reading it in your home when visiting. Thank you for sharing.

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