Ripping Off The Roof Faith

This inspiring devotional is shared by Luggya Vicent. Check out the “About Us” page for more about Luggya.

A YouTube video clip from the awesome series, “The Chosen” is included to help us imagine what Jesus did for the paralyzed man.

First Jesus forgave his sins, which offended the religious leaders, but then Jesus proved His authority to forgive sins, by also healing the paralytic. Jesus spoke gently to him and told him to rise and walk. This paralyzed man, who was brought to Jesus by friends who had to carry him, was now able to walk away in the strength of his instantly healed body.

As the Son of Man, Jesus, God’s Son, came to Earth as a person. He was able to identify with us needy people in everything we go through in life. It says Jesus was tempted (tested) in every way that we can be, but was without sin His entire life. YAY JESUS! That meant He fulfilled His Father’s purpose and was able to die for your sins and mine, as the spotless Lamb of God (our substitute) who takes away the sins of the world. But, Jesus did not stay dead. He rose from the dead and is alive forever. He will soon return as King of All.

JESUS is the Saviour of all who come to Him.
PuppyFan (Harold)


From Luggya…
When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralyzed man, “Son, your sins are forgiven.”

(Mark 2:5 NIV)

In Mark 2, four friends put a paralyzed man on a stretcher and carried him to a house where Jesus was teaching.

In effect, they were saying, “We’re taking you to Jesus. You may not think you can ever walk again, but we are believing for you. You can borrow our faith.”

When they got there, the house was so packed they couldn’t get in. Rather than give up, they carried the man to the roof, took off the covering, and lowered him to Jesus. It says that “when Jesus saw their faith,” He healed the man. It wasn’t the faith of the paralyzed man but his friends. They lifted him, carried him, believed for him, and refused to give up. They had ripping-off-the-roof faith.

God has put people in your life strategically so you can be a friend with your faith. Don’t miss the opportunity, don’t be so busy with your needs and goals that you miss carrying someone to their healing, praying for the friend who’s hurting, lifting a coworker who’s discouraged. Let them borrow your faith.

Prayer for Today

Father, thank You that You see my faith and that You honor my faith in You. Thank You for the power of faith to carry others to their healing, to their comforting, to their encouragement. Help me to have a ripping-off-the-roof faith to share with others.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Luggya Vicent

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