Store Up Your Treasures in Heaven

Here is a “too wonderful not to share” true story of an associate pastor from a church in South Korea. Rev Yonggi Cho, the senior pastor relates his associate’s experience in the video. (I heard Rev. Cho years ago when he actually came to my church in Kitchener long ago when I was a young Christian. He pastored what is probably the largest church on earth).

This associate pastor died, went to Heaven, and saw amazing things there. What he shares lines up with details of the vision I experienced, of Jesus giving Hilda her Crown of Life in Heaven. The Lord gave me this vision shortly after Hilda joined Jesus. I tried to paint a moment of this scene which is now the header on the “Blog” page of my website.

Listen to this man’s experience in Heaven. May it encourage you as it has me. … 🙂

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