A Treasure Hunt

The Kingdom of Heaven is Very Near

Jesus was always full of suprises. Everyone thought He would come to Earth as a King with a powerful army, to rule over all other kings. That will happen someday. But, the first time He came, it was as a little baby… SURPRISE!

Oh, yes, Jesus did come to destroy an enemy—a very bad enemy called sin, the devil and all his evil deeds. But He had to destroy the enemy according to God’s plan.

Jesus came as a Saviour, a Healer, and the one who would give His life so that we could live as part of His Kingdom. Those who believe in Jesus realize that what He said is true, “the Kingdom of Heaven is very near” (Matthew 4:17 EASY).
Jesus did not come to Earth just as a poor baby born in a barn. He brought His World, the Kingdom of Heaven with Him!

Did You Ever Participate in an Easter Egg Hunt?

Maybe as a child you played a game called “Treasure Hunt.” It’s like hunting for “treasure,” maybe Easter eggs, that were hidden around your backyard or inside your home. There were times when the “treasure” was right next to you, but you didn’t see it.

In the same way, “God’s Kingdom of Heaven” is a treasure right here on Earth beside us. Jesus said, “Repent” which means, stop the way you’re walking and turn around. The Kingdom of Heaven is right here, just stop and look around.

You might ask, “Well, if God’s Kingdom is right here, where is it? I can’t see it!” God’s Kingdom is all around you – but it’s an invisible world. You cannot see it with your eyeballs.

To “repent” means to change the way you think about things. Things like who God is, and what He wants to do here on Earth. Begin to ask your Heavenly Father to come and show you His love. Ask Him to show you what Heaven is like. God will give you special “faith eyes.” You will see His invisible world. It is amazing, but true! Sounds like a powerful gift, doesn’t it? Jesus had this gift—it’s called “faith,” and you can have it too!

God is Present in Your Life

“Seeing” God’s Kingdom will help you feel just how close God really is to you. It’s called His “presence.”

Your Heavenly Father will show you through your “faith eyes” what you can’t see with your eyeballs, like God’s power to heal. It is more real and powerful than “seeing” someone who is sick. You will find out the things in God’s world, like His peace, love, goodness and kindness last forever. You will also find out that the things you see in this world, like fighting, sadness and anger, only last a short time.

Ask God to give you “faith eyes” to see His Kingdom around you. Using your “faith eyes” here on Earth is part of the treasure that God had planned to give you when He created you.

This is Part 2 of a series on “Here Comes Heaven.”

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