Our Amazing Creator

How often do we rush through a day, doing the required things, caring for family and friends, obligations to groups we are part of, jobs for most of us?

My life since Hilda joined Jesus has changed dramatically. My pace of life is so different. Not always slower, but definitely different. There are a couple of Bible verses that accurately address my situation…

“32 In all you do, I want you to be free from worry. An unmarried man can spend his time doing the Lord’s work and thinking how to please him.

33 But a married man can’t do that so well; he has to think about his earthly responsibilities and how to please his wife.”

(1 Corinthians 7:32-33 NLT)

I’m finding these verses to be true. I believe that in Heaven with Jesus and Hilda, we will serve God together, and this challenge of pleasing one over the other, with limited time to do so, will not be an issue.

What a tremendous blessing and influence Hilda is on my life, even now. I am so “Mr. Blessed” to love her and be loved by Hilda.

I often catch myself doing things that would please Hilda, and think of her smiling down on me for doing so, like cleaning the toilet, or caring for plants, or inviting her mother over for dinner two days in a row.

A couple of days ago, walking along the trail of the Grand River, Hilda spoke with me for a couple of minutes. So amazing, so special, so unforgettable, so personal. The Lord told me this would happen more often, along with more dreams and visions of Hilda in Heaven.

As we rush through each day, let’s always take time to thank God for the great and many gifts He has given us. Our beautiful or handsome spouse, our precious kids, loving extended family, good and faithful friends, health and strength for each day. You don’t need to spend a half hour doing this, but it would not be hard to fill that time with thanks for all God has done for us.

Then the realization that God has taken our sins, our sicknesses, our pains, our curses. Someday there will be no more suffering in our lives or those of others who love Jesus. We have the tremendous gift of eternal life, Heaven with Jesus and the Father. Thank you Jesus for all you have done for us. Taking our sins upon yourself, so that we could be forgiven, like the thief on the cross, and someday join you in Paradise.

Here are two of my favourite flowers. I’m such a visual person, and love the blue-violet colour of the Chicory wildflower and orange-yellow of the Day Lily. God is such an amazing Creator. The colours and sights in Heaven will be beyond belief, as will the music, aromas, talking birds and animals, time with friends and family, worshipping God with millions of others, our mansion shared with loved ones.


THANK YOU GOD for Heaven with Hilda. THANK YOU JESUS for making Heaven possible for us. THANK YOU HOLY SPIRIT for being with us and guiding us each day.

Whether we are married or single, working or retired or attending school, or on summer vacation, let’s take time for the one who created us to love and worship Him. HE IS AWESOME and gives us HOPE!!

Your friend,




2 thoughts on “Our Amazing Creator”

  1. Harold, I thoroughly enjoy reading everything you write. I am encouraged each and every time. And the beauty of the photographs you post!!! Please keep doing so. I love seeing Hilda’s beautiful smiling face 🥰

    1. Denita, thanks for your kind comment. I’m so happy that you are encouraged. You are such a precious friend. We love you and your family. I have Hilda’s picture up all over our home. She is smiling at me wherever I go in our home. 🙂

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