Prayer Is Asking – Part 1 of 5 – Learning About Prayer

This morning I began browsing a little book, which Hilda seems to have left lying under the coffee table for me to read at some point. She was like that. So intuitive, loving and caring, leaving little things around which she knew would be special to us. In the book was a lovely cross-stitched bookmark made by her, probably several years ago, since I don’t remember seeing it before. I will treasure this bookmark, and am excited to read through this book. Thank you Hilda!

You see, lately I’ve been asking the Lord to help me as I pray. Certainly I’m noticing that not all of my prayers are answered as I expect, so what am I doing wrong? Prayer for healing for Hilda during her illness, did not happen as I had hoped for. I wanted to enjoy many more years together with Hilda here on Earth. God actually had something so much better planned for Hilda than what I could have wished for her. She is rejoicing with Jesus now, out of pain, young, healthy, spending the beginning of forever in Heaven with the Lord, and enjoying the company of many loved ones who are already there. And she is cheering on all of her friends from Heaven, waiting for us to join the party.

Adventures in Prayer – What a Great Title

So, this little book called “Adventures in Prayer” was written long ago, by one of Hilda’s most loved authors, Catherine Marshall. As I read the first chapter, I was reminded of a beautiful glimpse into Hilda’s trust in Jesus, which took place over 40 years ago. Hilda shared this special incident just a couple of weeks after we met in Toronto. It gave me an insight into Hilda’s prayer life with Jesus.

I remember seeing my beautiful sweetheart for the first time, with her golden hair gently curled around her pretty face, when she was 21. Hilda was the first person I met at Stone Church in Toronto, just before their weekly large group of 18-30 year-olds met in a College and Careers group, to worship and grow together in their walk with Jesus. I was very attracted to her, but had to wait patiently for months for romance to develop. Hilda told me later that just two weeks earlier, she had started using contact lenses in place of glasses. Her wearing contact lenses, instead of glasses, allowed me to see those loving eyes, which sparkled, especially when she was smiling, which was very often.

The next week at College and Careers, I noticed that Hilda was wearing glasses. She shared a prayer request with the group later in the meeting as others asked for prayer for sick family members, job needs, school exams etc. That afternoon as Hilda was putting her contact lenses onto her eyes, one of them had fallen into the sink and disappeared. She had carefully searched for it, but could not find it. That was an expensive loss for a young lady in her situation. So she asked for prayer in the C&C group, that God would help her find the lost contact lens. Hilda believed that if something mattered to her, large or small, it also mattered to God.

That Missing Contact Lens

That evening she came home to find the missing lens, which was hiding on the sink basin. Thankfully, it had not been flushed down the drain. Hilda resusitated the contact lens in a container of lens solution, and God made it as good as new. Her prayer had been answered. She shared the answered prayer of finding the lost contact lens the next week at College and Careers, and everyone cheered as she rejoiced. Hilda was not wearing any glasses on her gorgeous face that night. I was very impressed with her faith that God would hear and answer such a specific prayer. Attending C&C, I was beginning to see her love for Jesus and her trust in God’s care for her. I really wanted to get to know her much better.

God loves when we “ask” Him for specific needs, like a little child would ask their parent. Making a specific request forces us to step out in faith. We sometimes don’t want to risk praying for something definite. What if our request is not granted? Will we lose the little faith we think we have? We need to ask ourselves, “Do I really expect anything to happen?

God Cares About Whatever Matters To Us

God uses our stumbling steps of faith as open doors to doing for us “more than we could ask or think.” (Ephesians 3:20). When we decide to ask His help with some small immediate need, it’s like walking into a waiting room in His palace. To our astonishment, King Jesus comes to meet us, offering us a gift worthy of the King. Friendship with the Lord of Glory. He tells us that He cares about our need, but has much more for us as well.

“Jesus tells us, ‘If you accept my friendship, you and I have years of joyous interchange ahead. I’ve so much to teach you. It’s going to take eternity to handle all of it.” (quote taken from “Adventures in Prayer”)

Right now, I’ve been stepping out with a specific request of God, to help me, an amateur watercolour artist paint and imagine as best as possible a scene from the vision God gave me of Jesus giving Hilda a crown of life. I have never painted Hilda before, as I did not feel up to the challenge. I believe God has heard my specific request, small as it is and is helping me wonderfully. It makes me love God even more, and want to continue to learn to grow in my trust of Him. God hears our specific prayers, like a good father does with his child’s requests.

Lord Jesus, help us not to fear asking you for our specific needs and requests. You love us and care about all that concerns us. You want us to ask for our every need, and promise that joy and good gifts come from You. Lord God, right now I really need ___________________________. I would also ask you for __________________________. God, give me your thoughts about these requests. If they are not for my good, help me to let them go. If I need to be patient to wait for your perfect timing, like waiting to be re-united with Hilda, help me Lord to have the patience. In joyful anticipation, I await your answer. Thank you Lord Jesus.

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