Living In Close Relationship With God – Part 1

Close Relationship With God Is What Humanity Is Searching For

There is a word in the Bible that is misunderstood and unappreciated. Yet it is what humanity is craving to find. This word is “righteousness” and it is what world religions have been searching for from paganism to our modern philosophies. People are searching for what righteousness gives us.

Righteousness restores to us what was lost in the Garden of Eden, a relationship with God. When Jesus finished His work here on earth, He became the way to restore our relationship with God. He even brought us the privilege of becoming children of God.

Righteousness comes to us when we become a New Creation. When we receive Jesus as our Saviour, our standing before God is restored. We become Born Again! God takes away our old sin-consciousness that cripples and robs us of all our spiritual confidence. We are assured of His presence with us in our daily lives. As newly born again children of God, we then stand without condemnation of sin before our Heavenly Father, just as Jesus lived without sin during His earth walk.

Jesus was fearless in the presence of His Father. He was fearless before Satan and was Master over Satan and all his forces. Jesus was fearless in the storm on the Sea of Galilee. He was not afraid of death, and even in the presence of a large number of people, commanded his friend Lazarus to come out of the grave, after being dead for four days. Jesus was not afraid to speak to the sick or crippled and command them to become whole.

The problem for us is, “Has God restored righteousness to mankind as well?

Intimate Relationship With God Is Restored by Jesus

Righteousness restores to us our fellowship with God. Jesus illustrated that fellowship with His Father. Jesus approached the Father with the same freedom that a child approaches their parent. He addressed His Father as familiarly and simply as a child speaks with their father.

Jesus enjoyed a unique fellowship with God the Father. There was no sense of guilt, no sense of sin, no sense of condemnation in Jesus’ spirit.

Can God restore such a righteousness to me? Yes, I believe He can. I believe that the finished work of Jesus Christ guarantees it. Do I struggle to understand and accept this? Yes, to be honest, I am still working through this. In the next few posts I want to explore what the Bible tells us about our standing in righteous relationship with God…

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